Parents, guardians, and other school volunteers from the community play a vital role in supporting our students and teachers.  We encourage all Sylvia Mendez parents and guardians to help out where they can . . . even just an hour or two is a huge contribution. Here are some of the rolls we are particularly in need of volunteers to help with this year:

  • Hospitality Coordinator(s): An important goal of Sylvia Mendez is to create a welcoming atmosphere at our
    cafecitos and other sponsored events. We are looking for a PTA Hospitality Coordinator to help make that happen!
    Job duties include: maintaining cafecito supplies, planning for PTA-sponsored dinners, working with the community and other event leaders to organize and set up refreshments, food, decorations for meetings and events.
  • Volunteer Coordinator(s): Looking for an engaged organizer of people who believes in the value of volunteerism! If this sounds like you, we would love to help you strategize and implement volunteer opportunities and options available for the upcoming school year to help the PTA meet the goals, needs and priorities in supporting student success. Job duties include: promoting membership and activities, overseeing volunteer recruitment, and coordinating volunteer assignments for various school events.
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair: Preparedness for emergencies and disasters, as well as the prevention of accidents is a serious concern of those who care for children in the home, at school, and in the community. If you are passionate about maintaining safety at Sylvia Mendez, please consider leading this committee! Job duties include: planning the Annual Emergency Preparedness Fair, encouraging participation in the annual creation and review of the school’s safety and emergency/disaster preparedness plans and sharing with plans with the community.
  • Communications Committee Team: The Communications Committee is responsible for preparing and distributing main communication vehicles for the Sylvia Mendez community. We’re looking for a team of volunteers who can help connect families and encouraging parent participation and cooperation. Shared duties include: taking photos at events and safely posting them to Bloomz, writing weekly Bloomz posts occasional emails, and sending out monthly calendars on upcoming events.
  • Rolling Drop-Off Team: This year we are launching a new program to make morning drop-off safer, easier and less stressful for everyone.  Drive east on Oregon St., follow the line of cars in front of you, and when it's your turn, a parent volunteer will open your door to let your kid(s) out.  That's it -- no parking, no U-turns, no stress!  We need everyone who is able to volunteer 20 minutes in the morning once or twice during the school year.  And we need a few people (especially Spanish-speakers) to help organize and manage the program.  Please let us know if you want to help shape the future of drop-off! 


  • Volunteer for a regular hour in the classroom, cafeteria, library, or on the playground
  • Be a room parent
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Work a shift at school events
  • Work a shift in the Rolling Drop-Off
  • Attend PTA meetings
  • Help organize school activities or programs
  • Participate in school clean-up days
  • Translate documents from English to Spanish
  • Copy and put up flyers around the school
  • Donate services or supplies, baked goods, or drinks
  • Participate in parent organizations or committees