Two-Way Immersion

Sylvia Mendez School is proud to be the only Two Way Immersion School in Berkeley. But what does that mean in terms of the experience of students in the classroom?

How does the TWI Program Work?

TWI provides an opportunity for children to become fluent and proficient in two languages: Spanish and English. It brings native speakers of Spanish and English together to experience academic and social development in the same classroom. The students gain an understanding of another culture as they learn to speak the language and participate in related enrichment.

In Kindergarten and first grade, the majority of instruction is in Spanish with more English instruction added each year. When the immersion students enter fourth and fifth grade, 50% of the instruction will be in Spanish and 50% will be in English. Students’ proficiency is determined by their ability to speak, read and write in both languages in all curricular areas. Those students who remain in the program through 5th grade, may continue in the Two Way Immersion Program at Longfellow Middle School.

For more information about the TWI Program please see the information on the District's site and the other links below.

For enrollment information please visit the BUSD Admissions Office website.