ELAC - English Learners' Advisory Committee


ELAC is an advisory committee that is required at Sylvia Mendez based on the percentage of our students who are designated as English language learners. This committee makes recommendations to the School Governance Council regarding funds used to improve the achievement of English language learners.

At Sylvia Mendez, this group has also been responsible for instituting cultural events, such as the Day of the Child. This group meets on various Tuesdays throughout the year at 8:15 am in the auditorium. The 2018-19 meetings will take place on September 11, October 9,  November 13, December 11,  January 15, March 12, April 23, and June 4.

Contact Family Engagement Coordinator Laura Rivas for more information, via email or at 510-684-4114.

School Governance Council

serving the needs of all Sylvia Mendez students


This is a state-required leadership committee also known as the School Site Council. The SGC is responsible for helping to develop our school site plan and making decisions about how we spend our Measure A and state and federal funds in order to meet the needs of all Sylvia Mendez students. Committee activities include evaluating the results of the standardized tests; creating and analyzing annual parent and teacher surveys; and considering great ideas for serving students at Sylvia Mendez. These meetings take place on various Wednesdays throughout the year from 4:30 - 6 pm in the Library. The 2018-19 meetings are scheduled for September 12, September 26, October 3, November 7, December 5,  January 16, February 6, March 6, March 27, and June 5.

Contact Principal Valerio for more information.

PCAD: Parents With Children of African Descent 


A team of Sylvia Mendez parents initiated this coalition to increase the involvement and support of African American families within our school community. The overarching goal of this group is to systematically create a foundation that allows students to realize lifelong success throughout their school career and beyond.

The organization is committed to community building, networking, sharing resources to promote positive academic and social growth and foster a generation of children who will instill this same commitment as adults. This group also organizes events to enrich the Sylvia Mendez community, like our annual Kwanzaa celebration in December.

The group meets on various Thursdays throughout the year from 6 - 7 pm in the auditorium. Meetings for the 2018-19 school year are scheduled for October 11, November 8,  January 17, March 14, April 25, and June 6.

Contact PCAD Leader Sophina Jones (pictured here) for more information.