Music At Mendez

From music in class during work time, to twice-monthly sing-a-longs, to the incredible Berkeley Symphony coming to play for our students every year, music is an important inter-woven part of Sylvia Mendez Elementary.

Grade levels first through fifth receive instrumental instruction. 

First, second and third graders receive music once a week, and fourth and fifth grade students receive music instruction twice a week. First through third grade students learn beginning notation and exercises by studying chorus, percussion or recorder. In the fourth and fifth grades, students choose a woodwind, brass, string or percussion instruments to study.

By the end of the fifth grade, students will be able to read printed music and translate the written notes to music on their chosen instrument. Students will play proficiently enough to perform ensemble work with their classmates and in school performances.

In addition to Sylvia Mendez’s instrumental music program, all students (K-5) are introduced to the Berkeley Symphony through the “I Am a Performer” concerts with students.


Inspiring guests

At Sylvia Mendez we are fortunate to have inspiring musical guests. When groups such as the Berkeley Symphony and the Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble come to visit, students can see what they can achieve in the BUSD music program.

Music is an important part of learning a new language.

Music education has important positive effects for all children, but these effects on the developing brain are especially helpful when children are learning multiple languages. Scientists have proven that music aids memory in language learning, helps students relax as they learn, and activates many of the same brain connections that are needed for learning language.

Learn more on these benefits here.