While this website is intended to provide a lot of general information about Sylvia Mendez school, it is not meant to be the way that families in the school will receive regular updates about school life. For regular notifications about upcoming events and issues that effect the Sylvia Mendez community, you can engage in the following ways:



Bloomz is an interactive Social Media Platform. It's also the primary communications tool we are using in our community and this year, we ill be rolling out more features than we have used before, so all Sylvia Mendez families are encouraged to sign up! Bloomz is like Facebook, but safer, because it’s private and only for our Sylvia Mendez Community. Bloomz is available on your smartphone or on the web. When you sign up you can choose your preferred language for communication and how often you receive messages.

With Bloomz you can:

  • Share photos
  • Ask questions
  • Build community

Not sure how to sign up?

  1. Download the “Bloomz" app from the AppStore/PlayStore and click "Create Account". If browser, go to and click on "Join Bloomz"  
  2. Enter the code you receive from the school (check the Wednesday folder, or your email for an invitation code), or contact PTA President Leah Martens to receive the invite code.

To change preferred language or notification preferences in the app, click on All Groups, then click on your profile picture (or the outline of a head, if you don’t have a profile picture). Then click on Account Settings. From here, click on Notifications, and you can choose email or push (delivered right to your phone). Or click on Preferred Language, and select yours, so messages will be translated for you. To change these settings in your browser, click on your name on the bottom left, then click on Account Settings. Follow the same directions as above. 

email list

While Bloomz offers the most regular communications from Sylvia Mendez School, we do occasionally send communication via email as well. To be included in this communication, sign up for the PTA mailing list.

Wednesday Folders

Every Wednesday, all students receive a folder of paper communication items. Please check your child's folder each Wednesday and return the folder the folliwing day with any items that need to be completed and returned.

Robo Calls

Principal Valerio also uses robo calls to communicate information about important upcoming events at the school. Contact the school office (information below) if you are not receiving these calls to confirm your phone number.